Hi— My name's Nate and among a small handful of other things, I create one-of-a-kind lamps. Each one is hand crafted from materials that have been salvaged and sourced from the Pacific Northwest, lending a deep sense of authenticity and uniqueness to each lamp.

If you're interested in purchasing a lamp and don't see one available that suits you, leave your email address and I'll drop you a line as I complete new lamps.



#07 Gloria

This thing smells like the ocean... The salty, industrial ocean. —Sold

#06 Sita

Classy, clean, complete— “Sita” is hewn from naturally beautiful Cedar, harvested from within the city of Seattle. The focus of Sita's attention is a tossup between a tasteful tillandsia and the fully-dimmable 30-watt tube lamp. Fortunately Sita doesn't force you to choose favorites. Buy Now!

#05 Annalee

Annalee holds a six-foot golden lasso cord as she stands atop a pile of retired porch planks, conquering the plains of the West and of your dreams. A Water Tower Red dimmer switch ignites a gentle campfire glow, revealing a midnight grove of cacti amid a cozy pebble desert. —Sold

#04 Kayte

California's badass—rockin' since the eighties. —Sold

#03 Alyse

Alyse's vintage mason glass is hung tastefully from a hand-woven braid of black and silver wires. A true first of her kind—positively unforgettable. —Sold